Research Materials

UC Irvine research material, including biological materials, may be shared with outside entities for research purposes, subject to the faculty researchers' approval and a written transfer agreement with UC Irvine.  A license for commercial use, including appropriate fees, may be obtained under certain circumstances.

Material Transfers

In order to enhance campus research and to increase research collaboration with industry and other academic institutions, UC Irvine encourages the transfer of biological and other research materials to and from our campus.  Physical transfer of regulated materials (i.e. radioactive, hazardous or controlled substances or biohazardous agents) must be done in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Any receipt of such materials by UCI must also comply with these regulations.

Before proprietary or valuable material changes hands, a transfer agreement should be in place. This protects the rights of both parties and ensures agreement up front on subsequent use, care and further distribution. The UC Irvine research translation group (RTG) has responsibility for helping researchers negotiate and execute these agreements on behalf of UC Irvine.

Following is a brief description of how outgoing and incoming transfer agreements operate. RTG endeavors to provide 24 to 48 hour turnaround for agreements where little or no negotiation is required.

Outgoing Material Transfers

Initiated by Outside Party

  • The party requesting UCI materials should visit the Outgoing Material Transfers page and download the forms and instructions for making the transfer.
  • The requesting party should complete the form(s) and submit to RTG.
  • Under some circumstances, UCI will charge a fee for transferring the material. RTG will advise the requesting party if any fees are applicable.
  • Once all the paperwork is completed, RTG will inform the UCI researcher that the transfer can be made.
Initiated by UC Irvine Faculty

In order to expedite the transfer of materials from a UCI lab, an Internal Material Transfer Form should be completed by the UCI lab transferring requested materials to other academic labs or industry. This Internal Material Transfer Form will ensure that the requested materials may be distributed to other academic labs and industry without legal and contractual encumbrances to third parties such as third party material providers or sponsors of research.

Incoming Material Transfers

  • Incoming Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) should be completed and sent to RTG for processing. In addition the Incoming Material Transfer Intake Form for Materials (MS Word .doc) should be completed and submitted to RTG with the incoming MTA.
  • Each agreement requires the signature of a UCI authorized official within RTG.
  • Mail originals or email MTAs or deliver them to RTG, please include all necessary contact information.
  • Faxes are acceptable and should be sent to (949) 824-3880.

Note: Incoming Material transfer agreements from companies with highly proprietary material can be challenging, may take more time and require special concessions. In some circumstances a special Acceptance Agreement may be required of the recipient investigator whereby they accept certain risks inherent in the agreement. UCI may not be able to accept the terms from all companies.

RTG Contact for Material Transfers

For more information or assistance in negotiating material transfer agreements, contact:

Material Transfer Agreement Officer
5141 California Ave., Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92697-7700
UCI Zot code: 7700
Phone: (949)824-2683, Fax: (949)824-3880