Research Collaboration

UCI welcomes industry research collaborations and has developed a "win-win-win" strategy for developing and maintaining these partnerships. Many of these collaborations are established to further develop technology that has been licensed or optioned by the company. It is the job of the research translation group (RTG) to nurture these relationships and to serve as a point of contact and coordination through the entire process.

UC Principles for Partnering with Industry

RTG uses the following Principles for Industry Partnering that have been established for the entire UC system, to guide its negotiations. In essence, the campus has the authority to negotiate terms that it feels are fair, meet industry standards and that do not violate any of these principles:

  1. Open Dissemination of Research Results and Information
    • Researchers will have freedom to publish and disseminate research results.
    • An open academic environment that fosters intellectual creativity will be maintained.
  2. Accessibility for University Purposes
    • Agreements will allow University researchers to utilize the results of their research for education and future research.
  3. Public Benefit
    • Agreements support the ability of the University to bring innovations and works of authorship to practical application for the public benefit in a diligent and timely manner.
  4. Informed Participation
    • University researchers shall be aware of their intellectual property (IP) rights and obligations in any arrangement.
    • IP rights and obligations of particular agreements will not impose on any other type of arrangement without the knowledge of the individuals involved.
  5. Legal & Ethical Integrity
    • Agreements shall be consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.
    • Agreements must ensure that all contractual obligations to Federal, state, commercial, non-profit, and other partners are satisfied.
    • Collaboration shall take place in an ethical environment.
  6. Fair Economic Value
    • Agreements will achieve economic value for society
    • Full Direct and indirect costs of sponsored research will be recovered.
    • Commercial rights will be transferred at fair market value.
  7. Objective Decision-Making
    • Decisions will be based on academic and business considerations and not upon the personal financial gain of any University employee.
  8. Impact on Students
    • Students should be involved in university research to the extent practical.
    • Agreements should in no way hinder a student's academic progress.

UCI Research Programs

Organized research programs provide a mechanism and organizational structure within which interdisciplinary research activities can take place that span the traditional boundaries of schools and academic departments.

These research units offer industry unusual opportunities for collaborative research and access to cutting-edge technologies that integrate the advances occurring in medicine, engineering, biology, computer sciences, chemistry and more. RTG will be pleased to assist interested companies access these unique resources and develop collaborations.

A current and complete list of Research Units at UCI is also available.