Outgoing Material Transfer

Thank you for your interest in acquiring materials developed by UC Irvine faculty and owned by the University. We will be pleased to share those materials the faculty are willing to release, provided that there is an agreement in place prior to the transfer that governs use, further transfer, liabilities, intellectual property, and if necessary, transfer costs.

If your non-profit institution has signed the Uniform Biological Materials Transfer Agreement, please do the following:

If you are unclear as to whether or not your institution has signed the uniform agreement, please visit the UBMTA signatory institutions list at Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) to make this determination.

All other non-profit and for profit institutions please do the following:

ITG Contact for Material Transfers

Material Transfer Agreement Officer
Fax: (949) 824-3880
Phone: (949) 824-2683
Email: MaterialTransfer@uci.edu

Following receipt of either the Uniform Letter or the Transfer Agreement, we will alert the faculty researcher that it is now appropriate to send the materials.