Negotiating Agreements with UCI

The Invetion Trasfer Group (ITG) prides itself on being accessible, timely and as flexible as possible when negotiating agreements with industry partners and seeks to develop long-term relationships founded on new technology opportunities. Toward that end, we have developed a “win-win-win” strategy for building and sustaining UCI's relationships with its industrial partners.

UCI Objectives

UCI's primary objective in its industry research and technology transfer program is to benefit the public through rapid and effective commercialization of its useful research results. The bottom line for companies is profit and shareholder value, whereas the bottom line for UCI is public benefit. ITG negotiates all of its agreements with this objective squarely in mind and is as concerned with getting the technology successfully into public use as it is with optimizing financial returns. Therefore, the diligence plan for technology commercialization is of critical importance and ITG will never license a technology for blocking or defensive purposes. ITG also wants to see all meaningful applications of the technology exploited, either by field of use or non-exclusive licenses or, in the case of exclusive licenses, strategic partnering/sublicensing for those aspects of the technology that are not being directly developed by the licensee.

Negotiation Flexibility

Given UCI's public university status and the fact that a large percentage of the research and technology being developed on the campus is supported by the federal government, there are certain aspects of the agreements where little flexibility exists in negotiation. These include indemnification, warranties, choice of law (must be California) and use of the University's name. In essence, for these terms of the agreement, the University has decided it is unwilling to put its research and education mission at risk to accommodate needs of a private entity. Beyond those areas, everything is negotiable.

UC Principles for Industry Partnering

ITG uses the Principles for Industry Partnering, established for the entire UC system, to guide its negotiations. The campus has the authority to negotiate terms that it feels are fair, meet industry standards and do not violate any of these principles.